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Tyrese Gibson’s Mom Priscilla Murray Gibson Passed Away on San Valentine’s Day

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Unfortunately, Priscilla Murray Gibson’s Mom of Tyrese Gibson died on Monday February 14, 2022, she was 64 years old. The Fast and Furious star had been keeping relatives, friends and fans updated on his mom’s condition and her progress ever since he first shared that she was admitted to the hospital: “Saddest moment of my life “We as a family are broken and just can’t believe this.”

All your fans know how hard it is and the sorrow and sadness that invades the whole family when a Mom, Grand mom, Sister, cousin, etc. return home after being called…we are never ready when this happens even when we know that this is a process that we all have to go through in one point or another during our lives.

Respecting Tyrese’s family mourning I waited some days to post this note... Years ago when my mom passed away a closes family's friend told us that the best way to keep mom with us is remembering always the good times that we had together and when a tear falls down the cheek, think that she took the vacation's plane before and is waiting there for us...because a one point of this life we also will take that plane and meet upthere.

Be strong Tyrese you are not alone, your daughters are counting on you and now you have an special angel looking over you. Lifes is a gift and it is goes fast.

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