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Vin Diesel's Fast X Trailer Draws 295 Million Viewers in First 72 Hours - Variety

Updated: Feb 17

According Variety Fast X trailer draws 295 Million viewers in first 72 Hours. Amazing!!! we all saw the two trailers and the different versions posted to social media in many different places and I believe that right now are added many more millions of viewers that the 295 mentioned in their article.

Fan's Artwork Created by: Betania Luques

Universal drummed up anticipation for “Fast X” footage with quite the promotional runway in the days ahead. On Feb. 9, the studio hosted a trailer launch event in downtown Los Angeles, featuring appearances from franchise stars Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges and Sung Kang, as well as director Louis Leterrier. Other fan events were also held in Mexico, France and Japan.

The “Fast X” trailer debuted online on the morning of Feb. 10, releasing a few days ahead of Super Bowl LVII. During the NFL broadcast on Feb. 12, a TV spot for the film aired. Trailer views were counted across several social media platforms, including Instagram (which drove nearly 30% of total views), TikTok (25%), Facebook (22%), YouTube (18%) and Twitter (6%). “Fast X” trended as the top topic on Twitter in the U.S. immediately after the trailer debut. Additionally, a majority of viewership came in from international territories. If you like to read the completed article please click the log

‘Fast X’ Trailer Draws 295 Million Viewers in First 72 Hours (EXCLUSIVE)

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Universal Picture India posted to social media a mind blowing add including a short from the Fast X video in a very clever way, please see their post below:

AQUAMAN Star Jason Momoa Is Out For Blood In The Crazy FAST X Super Bowl Extended TV Spot

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A Big Game TV spot for Fast X has been released, and if you're looking for completely crazy over-the-top action, we have the preview for you! See Dom (Vin Diesel) square off with Dante (Jason Momoa) here. An action-packed new trailer for Fast X found its way online a couple of days ago, and that's now been followed by a downright bonkers Super Bowl TV spot (via for the franchise's penultimate chapter.

No matter whether you love or hate the Fast & Furious franchise, you'll surely have to agree that there's not a better series than this one at retconning past events in order to tell new stories!

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That looks set to be the case in this summer's Fast X because the new Super Bowl trailer for the movie (which first dropped on reveals Jason Momoa's Dante is, in fact, a familiar face from the past...we just haven't met him before! As you can see in this action-packed preview, it appears he's the son of Fast Five villain Hernan Reyes and is now out to make Dom pay for his past transgressions. To read more please double click the logo below

AQUAMAN Star Jason Momoa Is Out For Blood In The Crazy FAST X Super Bowl Extended TV Spot

Jason Momoa as Dante Reyes - Fast X

Back at the premier of Fast 9 Vin Diesel was talking to the press about his idea to included Paul Walker's daughter Meadow Walker in the future installment of the Fast and Furious saga, and it's happens!!. During the Fast X's trailer release that took place in L. A. Live las February 9th, were only very exclusive and important peoples were invited, Vin Diesel confirmed to the media that Meadow Walker, Paul Walker's daughter is also part of the cast.

Fast X’s Michelle Rodriguez Breaks Silence On Working With Paul Walker’s Daughter Meadow On The Movie

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The Fast and Furious franchise has come a long way from its humble street racing beginnings and based on the trailer for Fast X, the bar is continuing to be raised. However, since Furious 7 there has been something of a cloud hanging over the franchise. Since the death of Paul Walker, there has been something missing on the big screen and it has been clearly difficult for the other stars to move on, but that has apparently been helped by having Walker’s recently married daughter Meadow appearing in the new film. While details are unknown it appears that Meadow Walker will appear in Fast X in an as-yet-unknown capacity. Michelle Rodriguez tells Extra that Meadow being on set is a “blessing” and says that she appreciates the support that Walker’s family has provided because it would be difficult to move on without it. Rodriguez explained…