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Vin Diesel's Cast In Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan

Updated: Jan 24

If you are here reading this blog you are also a Vin Diesel's fan, and I know that when you say vin Diesel the first thing that come up to your mind is his interpretations of Dominic Toretto and his full of action Fast and Furious saga of course. Actually, Vin Diesel is a lot more that just Dom Toretto for that reason today we will read a little about Vin Diesel's beginnings.

Fan's Artwork Created by: Betania Luques

In 1994 Vin Diesel decided to make his own short film to secure funds for his feature film debut. he wrote, directed, produced, and starred in the short drama film Multi-Facial, a semi-autobiographical film which follows a struggling multiracial actor stuck in the audition process. The film was selected for screening at the 1995 Cannes Festival. Multi-Facial was noticed by Steven Spielberg, who would cast Diesel in Saving Private Ryan (1998). It was released on DVD in 1999.

Fan's Artwork Created by: Betania Luques

Vin Diesel

Someone recently asked what my first Hollywood film was… I always assumed everyone knew, haha. But this year marks the 25th anniversary of the film that changed my life. Saving Private Ryan! Profound, because it feels like yesterday. The lessons I learned from Steven, Tom and the whole experience I have taken with me through out my career.

Reflecting… grateful.


Multi-Facial stars Vin Diesel as a multiracial actor and depicts the professional and emotional issues he faces.

Short 1994 Drama Wrote, Directed, Produced, and Starred by Vin Diesel

Steven Allan Spielberg KBE; born December 18, 1946) is an American filmmaker. A major figure of the New Hollywood era and pioneer of the modern blockbuster, he is the most commercially successful director of all time. Spielberg is the recipient of various accolades, including three Academy Awards, a Kennedy Center honor, a Cecil B. DeMille Award, and an AFI Life Achievement Award. Seven of his films been inducted into the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.

Director Steven Spielberg

Spielberg was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. He moved to California and studied film in college. After directing several episodes for television including Night Gallery and Columbo, he directed the television film Duel (1971) which gained acclaim from critics and audiences. He made his directorial film debut with The Sugarland Express (1974), and became a household name with the 1975 summer blockbuster Jaws. He then directed box office successes Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), and the Indiana Jones series. Spielberg explored drama in The Color Purple (1985) and Empire of the Sun (1987). After a brief hiatus, Spielberg directed the science fiction thriller Jurassic Park, the highest-grossing film ever at the time, and the Holocaust drama Schindler's List (both 1993), described as one of the greatest films ever made. He won the Academy Award for Best Director for the latter and for the 1998 World War II epic Saving Private Ryan. Spielberg continued in the 2000s with science fiction films A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001), Minority Report (2002), and War of the Worlds (2005). He also directed the adventure films The Adventures of Tintin (2011) and Ready Player One (2018); the historical dramas Amistad (1997), Munich (2005), War Horse (2011), Lincoln (2012), Bridge of Spies (2015), and The Post (2017); the musical West Side Story (2021); and the semi-autobiographical drama The Fabelmans (2022). Spielberg co-founded Amblin Entertainment and DreamWorks, and has served as a producer for many television series and films. He is also known for his long collaboration with the composer John Williams, with whom he has worked for all but five of his feature films. Several of Spielberg's works are among the highest-grossing films of all time. In 2013, Time listed him as one of the 100 most influential people.

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Multi-Facial (1994) Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel was just a humble up-and-comer in Hollywood. His first credited role was in the 1995 short "Multi-Facial," a drama Diesel directed and starred in as a multiethnic actor who struggles to find work due to his appearance (mirroring Diesel's own real-world experience). He would follow that by writing, directing, and starring in the 1997 feature film "Strays." In that case, Diesel drew inspiration from his upbringing in New York City to play a hustler who's searching for a greater purpose to his life.

Stray - Vin Diesel Film (1997)

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