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Vin Diesel's Riddick Finally Finds Furya His Home Planet

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Great news for all Riddick's fans! Few days ago, Vin Diesel gave an update on social media regarding the newest addition to the Riddick franchise. When Riddick finally finds his home planet, he has no idea what's in store for him.

Fan's Artwork Created by: Betania Luques

Vin Diesel announced Riddick 4 with a caption that reads: "Incredible meeting today, thanks team you know who you are... Let's just say Furya may be closer than you think. #Riddick".

Fan's Artwork Created by: Betania Luques

Great meeting today, very excited about this next chapter.

Fan's Artwork Created by: Betania Luques

The Riddick storyline started all the way back in the year 2000 when the sci-fi horror movie Pitch Black debuted in theaters. Vin Diesel has played the character in three movies: Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick, and Riddick. A fourth installment is being under development since 2015. In fact, the title Riddick 4 - Furya has been floating around the internet for a few years now.

Fan's Artwork Created by: Betania Luques

That's all for today ladies and gentlemen, I wish that you enjoyed the blog as much as I enjoyed pulling the information together for you. Stay Tuned!! will be more to come soon.

As Vin Diesel likes to say: All love always Vin ❤️ one love.

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