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Vin Diesel's Scammers Pretending To Be Vin Are Stealing Again.

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

During many years Vin Diesel’s fans are dealing with scammers and impostors pretending to be the Fast and Furious’ actor in social media asking for money, gift cards, gaming, lotteries, and all kind of requests always involving money. Be aware that this scamming problem is out of control again

Today the problem gets even bigger, a scammer pretending to be “Fast and Furious” actor Vin Diesel had stolen COVID relief funds deposited into Massachusetts woman’s bank account. The details of what happened are contained in a federal case where the government is seeking to seize a Bank of America check for $16,893.86. If you like to read the complete article please double click the light green words below:

Last week I had people approaching me through Instagram pretending to be Delora Sinclair (Vin Diesel’s mom), selling me a VIP Card to be able to meet his famous son.

A woman claiming to be his Office Manager, asking for money to meet they payroll.

A man pretending to be his agent trying to sell me lottery tickets.

There are also the impostors that are pretending to be the real actor and those are even worse because if you don’t agreed to help them sending money or gifts cards they use abusive strong language disrespecting you. There are also tons of post in Facebook giving up Vin Diesel's phone number or email, please wake up all those are scammers, impostors pretending to take advance of you good faith.

If you are a Vin Diesel's fan you already know that he is not using social media to contact his fans. Before answering that chat, please always remember that chances are that it is an scammer or an impostor, again use your common sense and do not give to them the opportunity to make fun of you.

Form a Vin Diesel's fan to another be careful out there.

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