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Jordana Brewster "Mia Toretto"announced her engagement to Mason Morfit on September 14, 2021

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Jordana Brewster the Fast and Furious actress announced her engagement to Mason Morfit on September 14, 2021 but the actual engagement party didn't took place until early this week. Jordana’s posted to her Instagram account her engagement party “to the love of her life” captioning her owed words, Mason Morfit.

Celebrating the engagement to the love of my life @gmmorfit 🤍

@skyronius expertly overseeing it all after making the magic happen by organizing this beautiful night

To Jordana's and Mason's celebration were also present her Fast and Furious family represented by Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez .

Sunday night workout... Reflecting on the incredible week.

Vin Diesel


May you bring each other as much happiness as your Mia's character has brought to your Fast and Furious fans lives and more! Congratulations!

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