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Vin Diesel's Fast X, One of the Reasons for the Franchise's Longevity is its Ability to Evolve

Updated: May 17, 2023

The Fast and Furious franchise has become a cultural phenomenon since its first release in 2001. The saga has now spanned over 22 years, with 9 films, and 2 shorts, and with the 10th installment "Fast X" set to release in 8 more days May 19, 2023. The franchise has garnered a massive following worldwide, with fans of all ages and backgrounds. One of the reasons for the franchise's longevity is its ability to evolve and adapt to changing times.

Vin Diesel's Fast X, @betanialuques #Rome #miami #fast10 #ff10 #f10 #thefastsaga #fastandfurious
Fan's Artwork by: Betania Luques

From street racing to international heists, the Fast and Furious franchise has managed to keep audiences engaged with its thrilling action sequences and diverse cast of characters.

Vin Diesel's Fast X is the first part of the last chapter of Dominic Toretto's history. The franchise has also managed to stay relevant by incorporating the same character adventures, modern technology, and social issues into its storylines.

Vin Diesel's Fast X Miami, F1 Grand Prix, Michelle Rodriguez, TV commercial
Fan's Artwork; by Betania Luques

The influence of the Fast and Furious franchise extends beyond just the movie industry. It has inspired a new generation of car enthusiasts and has had a significant impact on popular culture. From cars, fashion trends to music, for over two decades the Fast and Furious franchise has left an indelible mark on society. In addition, the franchise has been praised for its diverse casting, which has helped to break down barriers and promote inclusivity in Hollywood. The franchise has also been recognized for its charitable efforts, with the cast and crew supporting various causes and organizations over the years. Overall, the Fast and Furious franchise has become a global phenomenon, with its influence extending far beyond just the movie industry. Its longevity can be attributed to its ability to evolve and adapt to changing times while still maintaining its core values of "Family" themes.

Vin Diesel's Fast X, Rome, Fast 10, F10, Eternal city
Image: Tyrese Gibson

Since Yesterday May 9, 2023, the Fast and Furious cast and producers has been in Rome, and they will stay there from May 9, 2023, until May 13, 2023, covering Press conference related to the Premier schedule "Eternal city" on May 12, 2023. Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez, Alan Ritchson, Leo Abelo Perry, Brie Larson, Charlize Theron, Jason Momoa, Nathalie Emannuel, Steve Daniela Melchior...etc., are already posting imagens and video taken in the city of Rome, Italy.

Italy 🇮🇹 ❤️ The Iconic Spanish Steps… great memories.

Thank Moses and team for the welcome dinner, hosted by Fast Producer Samantha Vincent… The joy of seeing the incredibly talented @leoabeloperry was everything. So proud of you!

Vin Diesel's Fast X, Leo Abelo Perry, Fast and Furious, The Fast Saga, Fast 10.
Fan's Artwork by: Betania Luques

The imagen below was taken at Fast X experience in Rome

Vin Diesel's Fast X, Tyrese Gibson, Nathalie Emannuel, Steve Eastwood,, Rome, press conference
Tyrese Gibson, Nathalie Emannuel, Steve Eastwood in Rome

The imagen below was taken at Fast X experience in Rome

Vin Diesel's Fast X, Brie Larson, Michelle Rodriguez, Charlize Theron, Rome, press conference
Brie Larson, Michelle Rodriguez and Charlize Theron in Rome

Vin Diesel's Fast X, Tyree Gibson, Vin Diesel in Rome, press Conference
Vin Diesel and Tyrese Gibson in Rome. Imagen by Tyrese Gibson

Tune-in to the #FASTX Premiere in Rome THIS FRIDAY, May 12 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET.

Dominic Toretto, you will learn to be afraid.

You built your life full of love and family.

I didn't have this chance

you took it from me

my future

my family, now, I will destroy your family.

little by little.

Vin Diesel's Fast X, #Jason Momoa, #FastX #Fastandfurious
Incredible Jason Momoa as Dante Reyes - Fast X


Above the Vin Diesel's Fast X TV commercial made in Miami days before The Formula 1 Grand Prin, and Below a short video posted to Twitter by Tom Cruise showing Ludacris, Vin Diesel and Tom Cruise having a funny conversation during the F1 race...the sound in the background is F1 cars racing

The Fast and Furious franchise is known for its adrenaline-pumping action scenes and high-speed car chases, and the soundtracks of the movies play a significant role in creating the overall mood and atmosphere of the films. The music used in the Fast and Furious movies is a mix of hip-hop, rap, rock, and electronic dance music, which perfectly complements the high-octane action onscreen.

Won’t Back Down!!!


Already so much talent in the movie… and now the soundtrack…


#NBA Youngboy

Some of the most iconic songs from the franchise include "See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth from Furious 7, "Tokyo Drift" by Teriyaki Boyz from The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and "Furiously Dangerous" by Ludacris featuring Slaughterhouse and Claret Jai from Fast Five. The soundtracks also feature contributions from popular artists such as Lil Wayne, Pitbull, Cardi B, and Post Malone.

Overall, the soundtracks of the Fast and Furious movies are an integral part of the franchise's success and have helped to establish the series as a cultural phenomenon.

That's all for today ladies and gentlemen, I hope that you enjoyed the blog as much as I enjoyed pulling the information together for you. Stay Tuned!! will be more to come soon. As Vin Diesel likes to say: All love always Vin ❤️ one love.

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