The 47th People's Choice Awards

Updated: Jan 22

People’s Choice Award is an American award show that started 47 years ago on March 3, 1975. The selected nominees will be chosen by the people. In 2005, the People’s Choice Award decided to start the online voting format until they used Gallup Polls.

Vin Diesel and his Fast and Furious were nominated for two times to separate People’s Choice Awards, and he was awarded, one for “The Action Movie Star Of 2021” and the other “The Movie Of 2021.” This seems to have gotten him into a thinking in his Toretto’s state of mind mood about his time as Dom Toretto in the Fast and Furious franchise, below it is his Instagram’s post referring to these two awards:

“That Dom state of mind… a lot of my creative life has lived within that character.” he said in an Instagram post while celebrating his People’s Choice Awards nomination. “His strengths, limitations, haha and most of all his meaningful relationships that he protects at all costs. His beliefs, his values… his code.”

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